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A❤ (also written as AHEART) is Jack5's first iTunes-available album, summarising his musical career. It has been a constant work-in-progress over the course of four years as his practice has grown exponentially, with early manifestations being Flux (released late 2013) and Work (released late 2014). Tracks featured in the album include original songs such as "My Companion" and "Sweeteners", and re-works of old songs like "Single" and "Nexen II".

Music videos (also addressed as lyric videos) can be accessed by clicking the YouTube link towards the right of this page and searching for 'A❤'.


released December 11, 2016

Published to online stores by 572939 Records DK.

The A❤ album, its tracks and the official artwork are listed underneath an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons license, thus use of the album and the official artwork must not be for commercial gain and must be accompanied by the artist's name (Jack5) and a link to this Bandcamp page.
The track 'City Border (This Song Ruins The Album)' uses a sound effect created by Mike Koenig called '2 Minute Storm Sound' which is listed under an Attribution Creative Commons license, and therefore is credited here.
Manuel Barros (MB / Barritas) is credited for assisting with landscape and character design within the official artwork, and Commander Cello is credited for creating icons for each individual track's music video. Both have given consent for their contributions to be used commercially by the artist.
The contents of A❤ may be remixed, covered or transformed, as long as the previous rules have been followed. Exemptions to the Creative Commons license, such as the use of this album's tracks in a monetised YouTube video (while still providing appropriate credit), may be discussed through this page's contact form.




Jack5 NSW, Australia

Jack5 is an amateur music producer that lives in the new south part of Australia. He uses FL Studio to create his music.

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Track Name: Nexen II
This feeling I don't understand,
there is something paranormal in this land.
As I stood with you hand-in-hand,
we felt we were rather grand.
There's nothing I can do,
to make these circumstances safe for you,
so let's jump in, and never slow down.
We'll soon be world renowned.

This anguish I can't comprehend,
my situation's forcing me to make amends.
It's possible that here's where I descend,
forever trapped in a long weekend.
No toil, no acts from me,
will ever restore or make new harmony,
'cause I jumped in, and didn't slow down.
Still waiting world renown.
Track Name: Sweeteners
Stay away from the sweeteners, words from a speaker.
The conflicting morales of this undying crowd pushed to the border.
Being a sweetener, believe me it hurts.
No doubt I'm caught up in this sweet-tasting schmuck like falling timber.

You live, I die, you stay, I go, sad to always change my flow.
While I'm down here speak your mind, 'cause all I can do reach my goal.
It's just my nature to love those boys; fashion, tech and making noise.
Filling out my new resume, for all my worth I have in toys.
I read up on bad dreams, 'cause I wanna keep myself clean.
Those down low they understand, polish me 'til there's lustrous sheen.
This is a forced reality; giving to a fruitless charity.
Hey, can I have a drink please? Coke and make it snappy.
This song I do dedicate to you, it pains me to ride on your shoulders two.
Statements I must make to prove that I care, I really do.
Greed increasing, festering, waiting for that next of kin.
The pop culture of the pop stars, it all eagerly fills my tin.
Fitness seems fictitious, now I'm knee deep in my interests.
Just like underworld criminals, I don't want to have a witness.
My hands slip on the ladder in my pursuit of glamour,
I should be thankful I keep you in touch.


Let me tell you the story of which my friends keep talking.
It all began one summer's day, left home early in the morning.
Met a couple new friends and stormed around a few bends.
My knowledge increased rapidly or so I did intend.
But as the time dragged on, my conscience lost an electron.
A gripping realisation hit me like the marches of Babylon.
It struck me I was 'plegic, distortion in my music.
Suddenly in the crowd of people, there stood another human.
Hair as black as jet fuel, looked like he'd come from art school.
Body shows a friendly pose, expression quite unusual.
But still he came right up to me, and said to me "Now don't you see,
the world is full of talent but for fools there are no nominees."
I pondered over this dearly, and then saw the light clearly.
To Las Vegas and back, I renew my image yearly.
I thank that man to this day, and still contact him in a way.
(Can you buy my music again, I actually need your money.)

Track Name: 3
Woke up in a confusing situation.
Friendly voice calls out to you and reminds you of your name.
Hands down by your sides.
You don't know pride, you don't know fear,
you don't know anything. You were perfect.
Instructions were very few but very helpful.
Static images protruding behind the concrete.
Don't worry 'bout them.
No show of pride, no show of fear.
Demoralising made you perfect.
Track Name: My Companion
My companion; always there for me.
My companion; keeps me company.
Nothing seperates our love, nothing interferes,
we're too close, close, close, we're too close, close, close.

Nothing seperates our love, nothing interferes,
we're too close, close, close, we're too close, close, close.
All these rows, rows, rows, show we're close, close, close.

Nothing seperates our love, nothing interferes.
We don't have to worry for seven thousand years.
We're kept inside each-other's hearts, we will shed no tears.
Both of us together are seen as interlocking gears.
We're too close, close, close, we're too close, close, close.
All these rows, rows, rows, show we're close, close, close.
Track Name: Do You Remember
We say "What?" as we venture into the unknown.
We just stare at the place that we once called home.
They broke our hearts and left us stranded,
walk alone, no clue what happened.
Do you remember the place that we once called home?