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EHT (Everybody Hates Triangles) is the collaborative work of Jack5, a producer, and WharrgarblSmurf, a lyricist. Together they make extremely unusual songs that normally have no point or meaning.

Album artwork by Jack5.


released January 5, 2014

Duplicates prohibited.
Remixes allowed, but only if the work's creator gives permission.




Jack5 NSW, Australia

Jack5 is an amateur music producer that lives in the new south part of Australia. He uses FL Studio to create his music.

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Track Name: Foreign Kitchen
go to the kitchen, we're gonna cook up a storm/
it is all that matters, you'll be hungry for more/
no time to waste, we've got so much to do/

ich bin ein schwamm/
die gabel ist meine ehefrau/
käse ist mein einziger freund/
ich möchte dein huhn haben/
meine haare bestehen aus spaghetti/
bitte öffne mein gefrierschrank/
ich werde diese tasse essen/
meine heimat ist eine cornflakes packung/

ich bade in hackfleisch/
bitte setz dich an meinem tisch/
der geschirrspüler ruft mich/
es gibt nur eine waffel übrig/
ich will toast/
der ofen ist wütend auf mich/
du musst mal meine lebkuchen probieren/
diese küche ist unter drogen/

set oven to 170 degrees celcius/
set up electric mixer/
beat three eggs, one and two third cup caster sugar and one third cup raw sugar until they are light and foamy/
add one cup rice bran oil and one large grated zucchini, mix well/
add three cups plain flour, one teaspoon salt, one teaspoon baking soda and half a teaspoon baking powder, blend well/
bake at 170 degrees celcius for 20 minutes/
Track Name: Talks
i can't sleep/
i've been too busy reading fimfiction stories and i just cannot stop thinking of ideas for my timeline/
my brain simply refuses to stop/
i've gotten to that point that most people cross when they go i have a great idea/
shortly followed by i just realised i can't do that now i am dead, dies/
no, just kidding/
but i've hit an obsidian wall/
my mind is dry of ideas and i need time to do stuff/
i'd like to focus less on comics, and more on school work, at the moment/
this means i won't be helping jack5 with his everfree blanks as much/
my deviantart page will slow down, but won't stop/
my next update will come as planned as well, as a splash of content from other sources/
i also have a fimfiction page now, and soon a tumblr blog/
shut up jack5/

quick, jack5 is trying to delete his old youtube videos, stop him/

nice try/
Track Name: Jack5 - OGC-SUN
we've tried everything/
seriously we've tried everything/
it hasn't worked out/
we've contacted the army, we've contacted the government, we've contacted everyone we possibly could contact/
they just won't stop and they're not going to stop/
only god can save us now/

ok we're done/
all we have to do is stay in here/
they're here, run/

ok, we're safe, for now/
oh no they're still here, run/