When There Was More

by Jack5

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When There Was More is Jack5's first feature-length album of 2014. It contains several revolutionary and away-from-the-usual tracks, featuring the piano playing of Jonathan Bines and the graceful vocals of Nayth1999.

Album artwork by Jack5.


released May 11, 2014

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Jack5 NSW, Australia

Jack5 is an amateur music producer that lives in the new south part of Australia. He uses FL Studio to create his music.

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Track Name: WM1
w m 1/
w m sample text/
Track Name: Kawaii Neuegen (ft. Nayth1999)
neuegen neuegen neuegen neuegen neuegen neuegen neuegen neuegen/
XXXX jack, jack and jack, and jack5, he's jack5/
he's friends with mb, mb mb, mb mb and jack5/
don't forget me, don't forget me, don't forget me that's right i'm me/
XXXX meeting mb and jack5/
and anna and anna and don't forget anna and don't forget anna and meeting mb and jack5/
jack5 and jack5, and me and anna and mb and/
don't forget tate, yeah don't forget tate/
XXXX tate and anna and me and mb and jack5, jack5/

don't forget smurf, don't forget smurf, his name is smurf, his name is smurf/
smurf and tate and anna and me then mb and jack5/
then there's also kristin, there's also kristin, don't forget kristin she loves jack5/
jack5 and mb meeting anna, smurf and XXXX kristin/
don't forget callie, don't forget callie, he's the newest one his name is callie/
his name is callie, that's right his name is callie/
callum and kristin and smurf and me and anna and mb and make them kiss/
what do they do? what do they do? why they go on adventure?/
they go to XXXX, and XXXX, and XXXX/
and don't forget XXXX, don't forget XXXX, they go to XXXX, they go to XXXX/
they like XXXX, they like XXXX, they like XXXX, they like XXXX/
they go to planets, they go to planets, i think so, i don't really know/
jack5 roleplays, jack5 roleplays, that's everyone in the neuegen group/
Track Name: A Swag Song
100 percent b n/